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Prof. Dr. Amelie Wuppermann

Prof. Dr. Amelie Wuppermann

Prof. Dr. Amelie Wuppermann

Prof. Dr. Amelie Wuppermann


Prof. Dr. Amelie Wuppermann

Raum 227
Große Steinstraße 73
06108 Halle (Saale)

Telefon: +49 - 345 - 55 23325

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  • Angewandte Mikroökonometrie
  • Gesundheitsökonomik


Heiss, F., D. McFadden, J. Winter, A. Wuppermann und B. Zhou (im Erscheinen) "Inattention and Switching Costs as Sources of Inertia in Medicare Part D" American Economic Review

Marcus, J., S. Reif, A. Wuppermann und A. Rouche (2020) "Increased instruction time and stress-related health problems among school children", Journal of Health Economics, 70, 102256

Reif, S., S. Wichert und A. Wuppermann (2018) "Is it good to be too light? Birth weight thresholds in hospital reimbursement systems", Journal of Health Economics, 59, 1-25

Bauhoff, S., L. Fischer, D. Göpffhart und A. Wuppermann (2017) "Plan Responses to Diagnosis' Based Payment: Evidence from Germany's Morbidity-Based Risk Adjustment", Journal of Health Economics, 56, 397-413

Hörl, M., S.H. Barcellos, S. Bauhoff, K.H. Carman, J.K. Winter und A. Wuppermann (2017) "Knowledge as a predictor of insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, Medical Care, 55 (4), 428-435

Farbmacher, H., P. Ihle, I. Schubert, J. Winter und A. Wuppermann (2017) "Heterogeneous effects of a nonlinear price schedule for outpatient care", Health Economics, 26 (10), 1234-1248

Wuppermann, A. (2017) "Private information in life insurance, annuity and health insurance markets", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 119 (4), 855-881

Schwandt, H. und A. Wuppermann (2016) "The Youngest Get the Pill: ADHD Misdiagnosis in Germany, its regional correlates and international comparison", Labour Economics, 43, 72-86

Fahn, M., R. Rees und A. Wuppermann (2016) "Relational Contracts for Household Formation, Fertility Choice and Separation", Journal of Population Economics, 29(2), 421-455



  • Bachelorseminar
  • Empirische Wirtschaftspolitik (Sommersemester)
  • Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (Sommersemester)
  • Public Economics (Wintersemester)


  • Health Economics (Sommersemester)
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics (Sommersemester)
  • Masterseminar
  • Advanced Microeconomics (Wintersemester)
  • Econometrics I (Wintersemester)


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